World Cup Finals 3d

World Cup Finals 3d

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World Cup Finals 3D

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May 22, 2015

Business opportunities for people like people who enthusiastically participated in the World Cup worry - HC Network sports and leisure industry
Pulled from the World Cup, large front and to the present, to catch a variety of promotional soccer car sound has been prevalent. No festival can not wait for the usual Makes a section of the business, the World Cup this event once every four years, how can they make good use of a large profit? However, yesterday's accident interview understanding, all hoping to take the World Cup train and institutions, in fact, "some people are happy others are sad," the World Cup can bring tremendous business opportunities in theory does not seem to have turned into "real money" . Most due to World Cup Exhibition

World cup marketing strategy of the fire training before the olympic games
"The Chinese team missed the World Cup, the Chinese media during the World Cup Advertisement Revenue from 3 to 400,000,000 yuan. However, no Chinese Team in the World Cup more to ensure quality. "April 13 afternoon, in the central TV station 2006 FIFA World Cup Advertising Resources (Shanghai) information meeting, CCTV Sports Center Zhang Bin, deputy director of editorial that said, his words drew a knowing laugh.

Appliances channels: "World Cup" in sub-1 share - channel, the World Cup competition - HC Network Appliance Industry
With the major European leagues, the flowers have various Cup trophy, the fans and the media's eyes were opened on June 9 toward football feast?? The 18th World Cup. Of course, also includes a lot of attention to business opportunities in the World Cup Home Appliances Channel giant. As the event draws near, and the brightest despotic making determined efforts to flat-panel TVs and digital high-definition as the main force, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. to cover the flank, in the "World Cup" a slice.

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